A product which is based on unique polymeric compounds technology that provides physical mode of action to trap insects such as flies, ants, lice, mites, and many other arthropods. Once in contact, it will spread to the whole body of insect and form a sticky polymeric layer. It traps the target insect and block their respiration system in minutes.

Farm Pest 12 is mainly target the adult pest / insect but not effective to the stage of eggs and pupa. Repeat the treatment after 5 to 7 days to ensure the newly hatched pest/insect from eggs or pupa.

The most significant benefit of this technology are:
  • Able to kill high chemical tolerance insects in minutes and reduce the target pest population within hours
  • It is a green and safe product, it contains no poison and pesticide
  • No residues after the treatment. The polymeric structure created by Farm Pest 12 will be broken and biodegrade in few hours

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Fast and Effective

Farm Pest 12 Can Wipe Out Flies in Minute

Backpack sprayer or high pressure coarse spray application

Farm Pest 12 should be diluted to 0.25% working solution with tap water:
  • 5 ml of Farm Pest 12 to 1 liter tap water


  • 1 liter Farm Pest 12 into 400 liter tap water

*Spray 100-130ml / square meter to ensure direct contact to target pest.